My Next Step

Hey, So as I said in my Vlog I would be giving out more information about my next step. As promised here it is! I am working to finish my degree in Communication: Media. In order to finish my degree, I need to complete a 3-month writing internship and a 3-month school. I am almost … Continue reading My Next Step

Month One Kona Hawaii

I’ve been in Kona for almost 4-weeks now. As I told a good friend of mine “You know you’re Alaskan when you’ve had 3 good straight weeks for summer and you're ready for fall to start.” I am enjoying it though, despite the heat, and always being sticky and sweaty. We just finished up the … Continue reading Month One Kona Hawaii

Alaska For The Winter

Alaska For The Winter 2016- Back Blog Entry I got back to McGrath in July after an epic adventure through Scotland after my school in the Netherlands finished. It was quite the adjustment to make, living with my parents after being totally on my own for a month traveling around and doing what ever I … Continue reading Alaska For The Winter