I am an Artist

I’ve been doing photography for over 10 years, including college level classes. I love to capture dramatic light, both indoors and outdoors.1-1

I have been dabbling in writing, and now I have the desire to write a book. So I have applied to go to an intense School of Writing in April.

I also love to play around with paint. I’ve only taken a few hours worth of lessons, but I find it enjoyable and relaxing. It’s also a great way to connect with God.

I am a Missionary

I have been involved in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) since 2011 and I UofN) their worldwide university. I am working towards obtaining my AA in Media Communications with my major in Writing.

I have a heart for helping people to see their potential as an artist, and a child of God. I am currently looking to move to Scotland to work full-time with an arts ministry team with YWAM Paisley ACT. I am hoping to get accepted and raise the funds to go in the Fall of 2017 after my writing school finishes.

I am Adventurous

I love to travel the world. I’ve lived in 4 foreign countries and traveled to 12 over the last 10 years. Some of my most epic adventures include a one-month road trip in South Africa that I took by myself. It was where I re-encountered God and changed my life around.  A month long trip through Scotland, where I fell in love with a country and people that I had always known I’d love.

I also moved to Belgium for a job when I was 18. Most people don’t know this about me, but I was extremely horse crazed when I was younger (I won’t lie, I still would be if I was able to be around them). I had a job riding horse for a professional trainer in the country. It was like a dream come true until I found out that he wasn’t a very nice man, and left before my 3-month initial stay was up.

William Wallace statue in Aberdeen, Scotland Aberdeen Scotland

One thought on “Me

  1. Sounds exciting! I didn’t realize YWAM offered such diversity! Very enjoyable to read about your interests and interests. I didn’t realize we had so much in common!
    Suggestions: I recommend that you use a larger font in your opening letter.
    Also, Spellcheck is a wonderful tool, but it knows nothing about homonyms, i.e., words that sound alike, but have different spellings and meanings. Patients & patience, for example. :^}

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