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McKenzie Barnum is a young girl who lives in color but dreams in black and white. With her love for the great outdoors, animals and adventure and anything old, she is sure that she was born in the wrong aera.

McKenzie’s ideal day includes drinking tea, splitting wood, enjoying the senery of Alaska while cuddling with a warm blanket, another cup of tea, and a good book next to a fire under the stars.





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What is truth?
How can we find it in a world that thrives on lies?
Have you ever found out the truth, and been hurt?

Do you love to process things creativly?
Do you love to express emotions through art?

Do you want to go on a jounrey through the mind, heart, and spirit of someone else to know that you are not alone in your sturggles?
My life is an open book. If you want to know anything about me, my past struggles, or my present struggles, take a look through my work. If you won’t understand something, ask. I write in a lot of metaphors and analogies and sometimes they are very abstract.


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